Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RFID and Inventory Control

In the current economic environment maintaining proper inventory levels is crucial. Maintaining proper levels of inventory to assure customer satisfaction and keeping ahead of customer trends and market demands require constant inventory maintenance. The result of not doing so may disadvantage capital flexibility and increase other inventory related expenses such as overstock, labor and year-end taxes. Yet, maintaining an accurate inventory requires a significant investment in labor costs.

RFID inventory control provides the ability to accurately stay on top of inventory and reconcile acceptions quickly with minimal labor cost.

Thunderbird Technical Services, Inc. with it's open source RFID web-based solution, offers automated inventory counts at any moment thus reducing the amount of time to take an inventory from days to minutes. The best products available for the solution are implemented, thus offering a wide range of solutions, not canned by any particular manufacturer, whose proprietary solutions may limit their solution from achieving the desired results.

Thunderbird's solution expands into asset management and is enhanced by it capability to interface with exisiting security and inventory control and asset management systems with additional scripting into its core web-based solution and interface.

Contact Thunderbird Technical Services to evaluate your unique inventory and/or asset management situation and get moving on better inventory control, asset management and reducing associated labor costs.

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