Monday, March 28, 2011

RFID - Wander Management Solutions

WanderTrack – Wander Alarm Solution

A Tool for Wander Alarm, Wander management and Wander Control

WanderTrack is a user-friendly web-based software used in conjunction with appropriate RFID Hardware to track mobile assets in hospitals and construction site locations.  It is ideal for various senior care providers such as assisted living facilities,  skilled nursing facilities, or hospitals. It is instrumental in assisting administrators with peace of mind while providing residents with the quality of life and dignity they deserve.  After many years of research Thunderbird Technical Services, with it's industry partner, has incorporated a variety of technologies into one “modular and expandable solution” which addresses most if not all of the demanding requirements of asset tracking and resident tracking and safety.  Below are some examples of key benefits of this new  technology and software:
  • Outdoor Wander Alarm, Management and Control – What is more important than providing a loved one with the quality of living they deserve in their golden years.  One of the key benefits to the WanderTrack solution is the ability to “track”  residents outdoors without the need for GPS—our solution works both indoors and outdoors.  Allowing a Resident the ability to go out for a walk, as opposed to feeling incarcerated can be done with the WanderTrack solution suite.
  • Alerts - There are many ways to alert administration, site managers and staff. Alarms can be sent via email and text messaging to Wi-Fi PDA’s, cell phones and PC’s.
  • Monitoring devices - We have numerous choices with respect to monitoring devices/technologies, such as tagging shoes, clothing, wristbands and intelligent clothing.
  • Low Cost – Thunderbird Technical Services provides an entire suite of products, starting with a very low cost “stand alone” solution which requires no software whatsoever.  Simply plug in the monitoring device by the door, and anyone wearing a wristband will trigger an alarm.
  • Expansion – A facility can start with a simple “stand alone” solution and grow to where we’re monitoring hundreds of facilities with “one solution”.  Our software architecture is based on all Microsoft products, nonproprietary, and most importantly its Web Based, hence “no loading and constant maintaining” of “local” databases, no need to buy more PC’s, no more updates to the local application.  Anyone at corporate and/or anyone from any facility with right permissions can view anything they need from “any” Internet browser.
  • Tracking of Assets – WanderTrack can also track the whereabouts of assets. Equipment can be tracked as it moves through a facility, in and out of secure areas, or out of a predefined area or construction site  Furthermore, we can complement our real time technology with a low cost PDT (portable data terminal) which can be sent from site to site for the purposes of taking and updating your asset inventory.
WanderTrack is modular allowing users to add and expand the functions of this breakthrough solution as they grow.  The RFID wander alarm, wander management and wander control RFID applications are right for you and your budget.

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